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Best Orchids For Beginners

There’s a common misconception among newcomers to growing orchids that they’re all the same. You might not have actively thought about whether there are lots of variations, but understanding that there’s more to the species can be the difference between success and failure. There are, in fact, a wide range of orchids to choose from, all requiring a different level of skill to take from planting to flower. For your first dive into the world of growing orchid plants, you should probably avoid the tougher ones to care for. Don’t worry though, if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our run down of great choices to get your feet wet – our guide to the easiest orchids to grow.


Let’s begin with a great choice. Moth Orchids are well known for their extended flowering period, perfect for giving you that glowing sense of satisfaction when you see your first orchid bloom. They don’t require anywhere near as much attention as the more demanding varieties either, so make a great first choice.


A classic choice in homes is the Oncidium Orchid. While perhaps not quite as easy to keep happy as some other plants on our list, it’s certainly not the most demanding either. Its popularity derives from the way it blooms, with clusters of flowers which often suddenly arrive and is an impressive sight.


While most orchids are very demanding on their watering schedule, our third choice is the Dendrobium Orchid. you should aim to check whether these need water at least once a week, but you will almost certainly have a plant that survives if you forget for another few days. While it may take a little time to recover, a little neglect is probably recoverable with this plant.

Lady’s Slippers

Yes, that’s the real name! There’s not a lot to say about the growing methods required for this plant, but Lady’s Slippers orchids make the list for the same reason as the Oncidium earlier – it’s a truly beautiful orchid when it flowers.


Once they start to grow, Cattleya orchids are undoubtedly one of the simplest to care for. They’re also one of the earliest to flower. Bear in mind, though, that you might need to pay extra attention to the first phases as they’re planted. Make sure to read any instructions on the packaging very carefully, as it can be frustrating if you miss something simple.


Another example of a hugely popular orchid, it may not be the very first choice, but will make a good second or third selection to grow once you’ve found your confidence. Watch this one to make sure it looks healthy, and the soil doesn’t dry out completely and you’ll not go far wrong.

Regardless of the choice you make, our list of the best orchids for beginners should have give you some inspiration for where to begin. The easiest orchids to grow are still very elegant plants to brighten up your home, and will give you the confidence to try something a little more adventurous next time.